Towing for Highway Patrol Troop 2

Towing for Highway Patrol has been great for us here at Tow-Time. We tow for Troops 2 Laurens County. Being on rotation requires a response time of 45 minutes from the initial time of call, along with passing there inspections. We are required to have a secure holding facility which is manned 24/7. You can view real time activity by going to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety site  Real-Time Traffic Information | SCDPS     Scroll down to Real-Time Traffic Information and see all of the current  Highway Patrol activity. We Utilize this site when responding to calls because it gives us a lot of info about the call we are responding to. Information consists of Date, Time, Incident  Type, County, Location, Cross Streets, Status and Troop Number.

If you have time check it out sometime. Its a great way to see what’s going on around you traffic wise. Until next time (Slow Down and Text Later)


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