Tow Stapps towing F250 from Pelham Rd SC to Simpsonville SC

This morning we towed a F250 4X4 from Pelham Rd SC to Simpsonville SC. As you can see we use tire straps on all of our tows. Some companies use what is called a J hook, and attach it to your rear axel. We do not do this for several reasons. For one, attaching a J hook which looks like a large fishing hook, puts extreme pressure on the rear axel. If to mush pressure is used the rear axel it can be pulled out of alignment. Using straps insures that all 4 corners of the vehicle are tied down. This also means the straps are touching the rubber tires only and not metal.

Appling the straps verses using the J hooks does take longer to tie down but this is the correct way to do it. The winch on a tow truck is designed to pull not hold. This is stated clearly in the winch instruction manual. So with this being said, if you are being towed, and your car is being held in the front with the winch and the back by a J hook your vehicle is not safe for transport.


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