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Towing your car to a shop in Fountain Inn SC

After getting a call for a tow, arriving and loading a vehicle I am frequently asked by the customer where should I take it.  Being a tow truck driver I am in and out of paint and body shops, garages all day. Because you do not need these kinds of services every day you might not be familiar with the local companies in your area. Just like restaurants if there is no one in the parking lot at lunch time there might be a reason. I picked up a gentleman the other day who had the breaks locked up on one wheel. I suggested he take it to a break shop in Simpsonville SC that I frequently deliver to. He decided not to and have it delivered to his house. The next morning I got a call to come tow it for a second time to the break shop I referred him to yesterday.

With this being said if you have had an accident and your car is in need of body work, I do deliver a lot of cars to Cannon Auto Body & Paint in Fountain Inn. I am also a customer of theirs. Jeff Cannon does great work and has been in business over 35 years. Their attention to detail is hands down the best. In closing if you are not sure where you car needs to be towed to take some advice from your tow truck driver, he has more than likely been to all of them.

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