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Towing Prices

When we are asked to quote a tow, we must consider all of the following before giving a price.

Where does the vehicle need to be picked up.

Where does this vehicle need to be delivered?

Has this vehicle been involved in an accident?

Are the keys with the vehicle?

Is the customer with the vehicle?

If the vehicle is off the road if so, how far off the road?

Customer will tell me they are just off the road and when we arrive, we find that they are 39 foot down an embankment upside down.  Being honest with your towing company can save both of you a lot of time and money. Special equipment might be needed to complete your job.


Quoiting a local 5-mile tow:  Most people think a five-mile tow will take just a few minutes and it does just to drive five miles. Our truck run from the time we leave to pick you up until the time we return to the shop.


Drive 30 minutes to your pickup location.

Spend 15 minutes loading and strapping your vehicle down.

Driving 5 minutes to your drop off location

Spend 15 minutes unstrapping and unloading your vehicle.

Drive 30 minutes back to the shop.

This 5 minute to have now taken about 1 1/2 hours. Depending on what time of day or weather conditions this could take longer.




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