Limousine needs a tow

I got a call last night to from another local towing company. They asked if I could tow a limousine. The picture is not my truck, but this is what I would imagine a limousine would look like on my truck. My first question was how long is it from the front bumper to the rear ties. The man then started walking it off toe to toe. He determined it was over 25 foot. I told him I had a 21 foot bed and would not be able to assist. He then told me the Limousine company had a trailer that they could haul it on, but it did not have a wench to pull it up on. I told him to go get the trailer with his roll back and pull it up on the trailer with the wench on his truck. He was very glad he had called to talk to me. I did not get the job, but I was able to assist another company over the phone. Sometimes asking others for their opinions can help you look outside the box to solve a problem.

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