Jump start cars

This afternoon we were called out to jump start a delivery box truck in Greenville SC. We showed up with our GB70 NOCO BOOST HD 2000 am jump box. This is a great tool. We had no problems getting our customer up and running quickly. This is a very strong jump box and will start a car that does not even have a batterie in it. This tool is very useful to us because todays new cars have electronic transmissions. This mean if there is no power on the car you can not ship it in to park so it can be loaded on a tow truck. I had a call last week and when I arrived I pulled out my jump box and the customer said that wont work, another company already tried that. She was surprised when I not only was able to power her car enough to take it out of gear but then started it up and drove it on my tow truck. With this being said (The Right Tool for The  Right Job)

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