FULL Coverage Car Insurance

Just to start off the difference in car insurance.

Comprehensive VS Collision

Comprehensive is the bare minimum insurance you have to have on your car to be legal. This insurance covers the repairs to other cars NOT YOURS! FULL Coverage Collision covers your car. If somebody runs in to you and it is not your fault you would assume they have to pay for it. There are a lot of cars on the road today that do NOT have insurance. So, if you are hit by one of these people the repairs will be on you. To many times I see people that have had an accident and did not realize they only had Comprehensive insurance. They are then left with an inoperable vehicle and expensive bill to repair. Being without a vehicle is tough. The number of new drivers in the upstate has Grone very quickly in the past few years. This growth has increased the number of accidents. If you are not sure of your insurance policy a simple phone call could ease your mind.

Be Safe Out There


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