Clean and Organized Tow Truck Simpsonville SC

Tow Time Towing Service prides itself on several rules.

1:       SAFETY                We always take the extra time to make sure our clients and their vehicles are safe from pick up to drop off locations.

2:     CLEANLINESS    We are contently cleaning our equipment and making sure it is in proper working order. This helps to insure rule number one SAFETY.

3:     COURTACY          We accommodate each customer’s needs as needed. Some customers know were there vehicle needs to be towed and others ask for recommendations from us.

4:    ON TIME               Tow Time is on time every time. If we say 15 it is 15 minutes. Too many time we have hear customers have been waiting for another company that told them 15                                                 minutes over an hour ago.  Tow Time understands that time is money and sitting on the side of the road is dangerous.

( Being on time, with a fair price, clean and courteous is what TOW TIME has based its successes on. )


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