Accident 0n Hwy 418

Tow Time was on a wreck for 7 hours last night. One of our regular clients had an accident and we were the first towing service to respond. A truck hauling a long Trailor with 2 large spools on it flipped over blocking all lanes. The spools pushed my client’s truck off the road as they fell. Our call is what they call a referral. This means on site per our customer’s request. Since the other driver did not have a preferred towing company the Highway patrol requests one of their normal rotation lists. I will not name the company, but they did show up, looked at the accident and then told us they would have to drive around the block to get to the other side. They left and never came back. This makes the Highway Patrol have to dispatch a second company to respond. The second company showed up and removed the spools so we could pull out the truck and Trailor.

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